Building with Cobb and Finishing with Earth Plaster


 with Jeff LeBlanc

Three Day Workshop

WHEN: Monday July 15th - Wednesday July 17th

TIME: 9am - 2pm each day

COST: $210 for 3 days

LOCATION: 11786 HWY 180 E. Arenas Valley, NM


  • sack lunch

  • water

  • sunscreen

  • snacks

  • gloves

  • hat

**All tools and materials will be provided. Participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from the workshop site.

Jeff LeBlanc has a passion for natural building, loves to play in the mud, and over the course of two decades has built multiple cobb houses, adobe and straw bale structures, as well as earthen floors, mud ovens and fireplaces. Using earthen plasters and mostly on-site materials, the structures became a living, breathing art form you can inhabit.


Part 1: Get your hands dirty and dig your fingers deep into the mud while building a Cobb Wall*. Participants will learn mixing proportions and cobbing techniques while hand-sculpting a wall from the ground up.

Part 2: Interactive tour of Cobb Buildings, built by Jeff, in various stages of completion. Buildings have earthen floors and an array of natural plaster colors and finishes. The undulating walls flecked with mica, embody a sense of place and movement. The plasters were created using several techniques from hard troweling to buffing with yogurt lids, to create a smooth and refined surface.

Part 3: Hands-on Earthen Plaster experience, participants will learn how to mix and apply earthen plasters to a cobb wall. Instruction on mix proportions, as well as several application techniques will be covered. Participants will also be able to help create sculptural reliefs on an exterior wall.

*Cobb or Cob is a natural building material made from subsoil, water, fibrous organic material (typically straw), and sometimes lime. Contents of subsoil naturally vary, and can be modified with sand or clay to create the desired balance.

CANCELLATION POLICY: for all cancellations there will be a 75% refund only. No refund for cancellations made 14 or less days prior to this workshop.