Arts and Cultural District End of Summer Photo Contest


Submission DEADLINE: October 26, 5:00 pm, NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Winners will be notified on October 31st.

  • Only the first 60 photos submitted will be judged.
  • Digital Submissions only.  Size: at least 8" x 10" but no larger than 14" in either dimension when printed.  Resolution: 300 dpi.
  • Only three submissions per contestant.  If more are submitted, all will be disqualified.  Descriptions must include the following information for EACH photo submitted:
  1. Location
  2. Category (one photo per category, one category per photo)
  3. Title/Subject (if a person or people, all names)
  4. Contestant's Instagram handle (if any)
  5. Price (if any) for the matted print and/or for digital use

You may ALSO use any photo sharing service.  Some Popular Photo Sharing Applications:

Google Photos
Photos for mac