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Exploring Functional Hand Building

Discovering the NEW in the OLD,

July 8 -19 / / Two Week Workshop

Sunshine’s demonstration will motivate you to experiment with new and old forms and methods of construction. Her workshop is geared toward creative expansion, a process-over-product mentality. Beginners to advanced students are welcome. The demo will include coil and pinch methods from hard and soft slab construction to generate pottery components. She will speak to the building of surface through the making process and discuss the glaze and surface treatment of her work.

Sunshine’s work is based in the tradition of historic ceramics, yet she carries contemporary themes throughout her work. She will discuss her inspiration, how abstract concepts make their way into her work, and how you can foster similar ideations into your own creative practice.

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Brad Klem

China Painting

July 16 -19 // 4 Day Workshop

China paint is a versatile material that can be used to produce a wide range of imagery, pattern, or surface effects. Anything that can be done with paint or ink can be replicated on the surface of a glazed form using this medium. Students in this workshop will explore the use of china paint to add color and design to ceramic work. The use of brushes, how to mix and apply the paints, an overview of pen-work and how to fire the work will all be covered. Participants will paint on their own previously glazed and fired work and/or on commercial china or tiles. We will fire work daily and students will leave with a number finished pieces.

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Bilingual Earthen Construction Workshop

Jessica M. Rocca

7 Day Workshop - date and time TBA

Through theory and practice we will learn the benefits and principles of earthen building, as an ancestral method, that is ours by right of conscience. Preserve our heritage and at the same time creating new structures dignified, beautiful and environmentally friendly with mother earth.

Aimed at individuals enthusiastic and aware of our impact as humanity on this beautiful planet as our mother and only home, with or without previous experience in construction, in learning the basics of conservation and creation of earthen structures.

Registration March 1st, 2019


4 X 6 X 8


The 4x6x8 show has been canceled this year due to scheduling conflicts. We apologize for the inconvenience and we look forward to seeing you at NCECA this year!