Clay Rodeo 2019

Sunday, July 21st, 11am - 2pm

Clay Rodeo is FREE and open to the public, all ages welcome!

Location: The HUB Courtyard 601 N. Bullard St. Silver City, NM 88061

Time-Limited Events:

  • Tallest cylinder given 10lbs of clay

  • Widest bowl given 10lbs of clay

  • Smallest Tea cup with handle and saucer

  • Fastest tea pot with body, lid, spout and handle

  • Throw a pot without using your hands

  • 2-Person Team Event: throw a vertical vase with each person using one hand

  • Blind Tag Team Race: throw the fastest 10 ice cream bowls

Prize to be given to the winner with the best composite score in all events!

We would love to see you there! Please fill out the form below to register. This event is FREE!

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