Kate Brown Pottery & Tile

147 Hot Springs Canyon Road
San Lorenzo, NM 88041
Tel: 575-536-9935

Kate Brown's studio is located in the beautiful Mimbers Valley, just Southeast of Silver City, New Mexico. Her showroom sits on the very location of an old Mimbrano Pueblo, she explained as she welcomed us with tea, fruit from her plum and peach trees, and delicate sesame cookies- something she offers all of her visitors. Kate has been a potter for over 50 years, and she is indeed a master of her craft. She specialized in slip-decorated, clear-glazed earthenware, which has a very shiny finish. Her work reflects her environment in the Mimbres- the night sky, wind through the trees, and the animals of the Gila and Mimbres Valley. While she doesn't do the geometric, black and white style that is associated with Mimbrano pottery, she feel a deep connection to the Mimbrano peoples and the land in Southwest New Mexico.

Kate began her love affair with clay at the age of 19 in Seagrove, North Carolina's famed Jugtown Pottery. This is also where she learned the history of the rural potters of the British Colonies. Her desire to be a rural potter eventually led her to the Mimbres Valley, where she has made her home for over 25 years. Here she is not only able to live off of her art, but she teaches at both her studio and during Silver City's yearly Clay Festival.

Kate's studio and showroom are open by appointment.