Leyba & Ingalls ARTS

Diana Ingalls-Leyba
315 N Bullard Street
Silver City, NM 88061
Tel: 575-388-5725

Leyba & Ingalls ARTS supply store has been an integral part of the Silver City's downtown Historic District since 1996.  In addition to the gallery, Leyba & Ingalls ARTS offers high quality framing and art supplies, as well as hosts art classes and cultural events. Owner Diana Ingalls-Leyba is a talented artist and active participant in the Silver City art scene, including the MRAC Youth Mural Program (another part of the Southwest New Mexico Clay Arts Trail that we'll visit later on). Leyba & Ingalls ARTS is home to local Silver City clay artists, including Zoe Wolfe and Romaine Begay. Be sure to visit this site on your trip along the Southwest New Mexico Clay Arts Trail. There are so many treasures here - both large and small!