Wild West Weaving - Jimmi McCraw

Hosana Eilert
211 N. Texas Street Suite D
Silver City, NM 88061
Tel: 575-313-1032

Owner Hosana Eilert is a native of New Mexico and moved south from the Abiquiu area over 20 years ago. She is a talented and prolific weaver, but has a deep love of clay and pottery. As a child she would find shards of pueblo pottery while walking near her father's home in Abiquiu. She was drawn to in-house potter Jimmi McCraw's micaceous clay pottery and cookware because of its primitive and unique look.  Jimmi McCraw uses traditional methods and micaceous clay (clay containing mica). This makes the pottery resistant to heat. All of her pieces can be used to serve food and are coated with oil to make it easy to clean. Jimmi's interest in working with micaceous clay began with a workshop by Felipe Ortega, a renowned potter in Northern New Mexico.